The labourer

‘My work in construction often has me making long days and I use a lot of energy for the hard physical labour in my work. I can really do with a savoury snack then, so it's tempting to quickly have an unhealthy snack before getting back to work. One or two Egga’s are good for two reasons: they are a healthy and tasty snack that also give me the energy boost I need. They're convenient because they are ready to eat and pre-packaged. I just have to grab a bag from the fridge in the morning and I’ll get through the day just fine.’

The (home) cook

‘There are countless quick and tasty recipes that you can use boiled eggs in. I think eggs are an amazing ingredient and I almost always have a bag of six Egga’s in the fridge. Sometimes we get unannounced visitors and I love being able to serve up a tasty egg salad, stuffed eggs, or some canapés with salmon and a slice of egg that I quickly whipped up.’

The tourist

‘Now that I am retried, my wife and I have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves, and we definitely do. We often travel together, often by car, but also increasingly by train these days. We visit museums, zoos, places of interest, or a city we have never visited before for a nice stroll. We think of it as “discovering what's out there”. When we are on our way we like to have an egg as a quick snack. They're great for when you get peckish and they’re very easy to take with you.'

The kid

‘Charlotte really is a bundle of energy as she’s always doing something and just can't sit still. Even at school, she won’t slow down for a minute during breaktime and will just run all over the playground with her friends. She loves hard-boiled eggs, preferably just as they come. I put an Egga’sin her lunchbox at least twice a week, straight from the fridge. It's just that easy. Eggs are in the nutritional recommendations, so I know they're good for her and that they're a tasty and responsible snack.’

The sports enthusiast

‘I teach classes at a gym four days a week, so I'm a real exercise freak. I look after my body and I watch what I eat. As someone who works at a gym, I think you should set the right example for your clients. When you really get into the zone, you burn a lot of energy. That's when I grab an egg-shaped energy-bomb; I just say, “I’m off for an Egga!” They're convenient, satisfying, tasty, and ready to eat so they're great as a bite in between lessons.’